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Who is the Madden 22 Cover Athlete?

The Madden NFL series has been around since the 90’s, and is a staple franchise for many gamers. This year, the cover athlete has finally been announced by EA Sports as New England Patriots star quarterback, Tom Brady. Brady is coming off another excellent season, culminating in a Super Bowl win, and a new endorsement deal with Uggs. Brady seems like a shoo-in for this year’s Madden cover, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, last year, gamers took part in an online vote, and it was anyone’s guess as to who would be this year’s Madden cover athlete.

As anyone who owns a video game console or plays mobile games will tell you, October is a big month for video games. For the past 24 years, the biggest game of the year has been EA’s Madden NFL, which has been releasing annual installments since 1990. In the past eight years, EA has let fans vote on the player who should be featured on the cover of the upcoming game. This year, the Madden 22 cover contest features New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The athlete on the cover is usually the first thing we find out about a new Madden release. However, EA has not yet officially revealed who the athlete on the cover of Madden 22 will be. Many football fans are curious as to who will grace the cover of the highly anticipated game, which will be released in August 2021.

We determined who is most likely to be a cover athlete based on who we think will make the list, who wants to make the list, and who deserves to make the list.

Who is the athlete on the cover of Madden 22?

There’s no official athlete for Madden 22 yet, but here’s who we think he could be, who we all want him to be, and who we think he deserves the most.

Who we think the athlete on the cover of Madden 22 will be: Derrick Henry

Before we talk about Derrick’s dominant performance on the field, leaks indicate that King Henry has already been selected as a cover athlete for the Madden 22 game. According to a leaked photo from a Gamestop store in Pennsylvania, a customer took a pre-order infographic that was meant for GameStop employees. Judging by the photo, the star of this year’s cover will be the Titans’ running back. The image was shared by TikTok user @jordanr03, and you’ll notice that the cover looks very similar to last year’s next-gen version.

It’s not clear yet if this image is real or not, but it would make sense if EA decided to go in that direction. EA likes to choose fans and players who are valuable to the brand. And the 2,000-yard man is slowly building a Hall of Fame career as the NFL’s two-time rushing leader who is just now reaching his prime. Besides,it already has the number 22…..

Who do we want to see as an athlete on the cover of Madden 22: Josh Allen

This may seem a bit far fetched, considering Allen isn’t around after a Super Bowl win or MVP season. But in just three years, Josh Allen has become one of the most interesting quarterbacks in the entire league.

Although he makes questionable decisions, his explosive nature and ability to take risks is why he is so popular in Buffalo. He’s the type of QB who can win big games, which is why the Bills had such great success when they selected Allen at No. 7. 2018 NFL Draft pick had selected.

A season ago, Allen led Buffalo to its first playoff victory since 1995 after a memorable 13-3 season that gave it first place in the AFC East and ended the Patriots’ 11 years of dominance in the division. And even after he lost the AFC Championship to the Chiefs, Allen has more than proven his worth in the NFL. Josh Allen gets better every season and is without a doubt the future of the NFL.

It seems Allen still isn’t getting the respect he deserves outside of the Bill’s gang, and he may not make it onto the cover of Madden 22.

Who deserves to be on the cover of Madden 22: Tom Brady

That’s not to say Henry and Allen don’t deserve it, but after a record-breaking 7th consecutive game, they do deserve it. Super Bowl at 43, 10 Super Bowl appearances (7 wins/5 SB MVP) and an impressive performance in the 2020 regular season (4,633 YDS/40 TDs/12 INTS), there is perhaps no player more deserving of being on the cover of Madden 22 than Tom Brady.

At this point, he has certainly shut up all critics and led the struggling Bucs to their first Super Bowl since 2003. Players from all over the league literally come to him to win the ring. It will also be Madden’s first cover with Brady in a Bucs jersey.

Sure, GOAT is worthy of the title, but EA usually picks younger players to showcase the future of these sports. While TB12 is probably the most deserving player to be on the cover of Madden 22, it probably won’t happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be the cover of Madden 22?

NFL fans will soon have the chance to decide who will grace Madden 22 ‘s cover. The NFL has announced that fans will have the opportunity to vote for one of four players: the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady, the Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch, the Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton, and the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant. This year, the Madden cover athlete will be determined through a bracket-style tournament, similar to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Madden fans can vote on the Cover Vote website from April 21 to May 11. Fan voting will account for half of the total vote, with the other half coming from an online vote by a group of NFL players. The winner will be announced during the NFL Draft on May Madden 22 is coming out soon, and people are already eager to know who will grace its cover. It’s been a few years since a rookie last graced the cover (Tebow, anyone), so this year’s Madden cover is sure to stoke the fire of debate among Madden fans. But what if there was a way to find out the cover before the official announcement?

Is there going to be a Madden 22?

The biggest video game franchise of the year is coming out this September, and you better believe there’s going to be a cover vote. Madden 22 will be the 29th installment in the legendary sports series, and it will be released on every major platform. EA will be hosting a vote that lets users vote for a few different choices. The three choices are Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants, Von Miller of the Denver Broncos, and Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. The vote is expected to be a close one, but Madden 22 covers have been a toss up for a good decade now. Last year, the Madden cover featured Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who was the only player on the cover of Madden 11, and EA Sports has released a new Madden every year for more than 20 years, but it isn’t clear if that will continue this year. (The company also released a mobile version of Madden 18 just a few months ago.) There are signs that, like hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer, the latest NFL season will be Madden’s last. Perhaps the most subtle sign is the Madden 22 cover vote.

What will madden 2025 be called?

Despite the fact that it’s been almost 3 years since its release, we’re still going on about the madden 15 cover vote. But why? Well, the cover may get all the attention, but it’s the name of the game that’s really important, right? In a recent interview with Xbox Vogue, Madden exec, Thomas J. Madden (not his real name) has revealed that he’s already started brainstorming names for the upcoming madden game in 2025. The “Madden NFL” series has a rich tradition of naming a new game after a year that does not exist. The series debuted in the year 2000 with “Madden NFL 2001,” and ever since a new installment has been released every year that doesn’t exist. So what will “Madden 2025” be called? Will it be “Madden 2026” or “Madden 2027”?

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