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watchOS 8 Features, Release Date, Supported Devices, and More

Apple had an event today announcing the newest version of its operating system, watchOS. The event also introduced a new device, the Apple Watch Series 4, which adds cellular connectivity and LTE models. The new operating system, watchOS 8, brings a host of new features to the Apple Watch, including a brand new Dock for apps and widgets, which can be used to quickly access apps and settings. The Dock can display notifications and count down the remaining time for your next appointment. It also brings a new Walkie-Talkie feature that lets you send a private message to your friend by shaking their wrist.

Apple has already announced several new features for watchOS 8, and more are likely to be announced in the months ahead. Features include a new Raise To Speak dictation feature, a new calculator, automatic sunset and sunrise times, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about Apple’s watchOS 8 software update, we have details about everything you need to know about watchOS 8. We even talked about the new features and new design found on the new version of watchOS.

Last year, watchOS 7 came out in September 2020. watchOS 8 is probably still a long way off, and we have a lot to learn about what the update will bring. Apple’s WWDC event is just around the corner and we can’t wait to see what watchOS 8 has in store. In this article, we highlight the expected features of watchOS 8, the supported watchOS 8 devices and the possible release date of the next major operating system update for the Apple Watch – watchOS 8.

WatchOS 8 Release date

watchOS 8 should be released in September, at the same time as the new iPhone. New versions are usually released during this period. watchOS 8 will be released on the 7th. June 2021 unveiled at Apple’s WWDC event. In addition to watchOS 8, Apple will also unveil iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS and more. So we’ll probably get to see watchOS 8 for the first time in June, with the official update in September.

devices supported by watchOS 8

There are currently no official details on watchOS 8 compatibility, but watchOS 7 is available for all models, starting with the Apple Watch 3. So if any models are excluded from the list of supported devices, it will most likely be the Apple Watch 3. Apple is still selling the Apple Watch 3, and ending support for a product sold later this year is nothing to Apple, so watchOS 8 will likely be available for the same Apple Watch models as watchOS 7. You can also consult the list below.

List of Apple Watches Compatible with watchOS 8 (underway)

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch SE

WatchOS 8 features

There are no specs or leaks yet, but we can wait for the rumors and leaks to come out. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of features we’d like to see in watchOS 8. We thank Angelo Libero for permission to use his excellent conceptual drawings. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more content and stylish concepts. These are the features we want to see in watchOS 8:

1. App Store enhanced for thewatch

The Apple Watch currently has its own App Store, but it’s not very vibrant compared to its iOS counterpart. There are no categories to explore or custom recommendations on the watchOS 7 App Store home screen. It offers only a random selection of applications. source img : The drawings of Angelo Libero In watchOS 8, we want to see improvements to the Apple Watch App Store. Especially the home page. We want it to be a more welcoming and personal place. One that shows applications that really interest you.

2. Enhanced sleep monitoring

People have been asking for a sleep tracking feature for a long time and watchOS 7 has a built-in sleep tracking feature, but it is very limited. It does not provide information about the time spent in each stage of sleep (deep sleep, light sleep and REM sleep), nor does it correlate your sleep with bedtime or stress levels. Thus, the data is basic and does not allow for thorough understanding. We’d love to see this feature significantly revamped and improved in watchOS 8.

3. Better control of hand washing

In this time of pandemic, monitoring hand washing is a very useful function that can still be used when our lives return to normal, but it can certainly be improved. This feature can be inconsistent when activated, and once it starts tracking hand washing, it sometimes interrupts the timer even while you are washing your hands. You have to wash your hands for even longer than the job requires. It’s likely that some of these issues are hardware related, with the Apple Watch’s sensors not being accurate enough, but hopefully watchOS 8 will improve the situation from a software perspective as well.

4. Best control centre

Apple finally introduced widgets on the iPhone, and we wish it would do the same on the Apple Watch. We know it’s already complicated here and there’s less room on the screen for widgets than on the phone, but some widgets can easily be added to the Control Center. They can be larger than the complications and give access to more widgets at any time. As users scroll or browse the Control Center pages, there is no limit to the links and information that can be displayed.

5. Better education and sport

In watchOS 7, you can already track all sports and other workouts, but more and more activities are being added, and we want watchOS 8 to be able to track even more activities. You can do basic tracking of these things in watchOS 7, and third-party apps offer more advanced tracking options, but we’d love to get Apple’s own workout modes for more activity. So here are some of the watchOS 8 features we want to see on the Apple Watch. You might also like – iOS 15 expected features, release date, supported devices. We hope you enjoyed this article, and let us know in the comments below what you’d most like to see in iOS 15. Other similar articles: Topics covered in this article: watchOS 8 release date, watchOS 8 features, watchOS 8 expected features, watchOS 8 supported devices, watchOS 8 compatibility, watchOS 8 supports Apple Watch 3.Apple is expected to introduce the next-generation of its Apple Watch operating system, watchOS 8, at a special event on Monday, February 26. The next major update for watchOS comes after Apple released the first major watchOS update, watchOS 5, in November. Just last month, Apple released watchOS 6, bringing new features to the existing watchOS operating system.. Read more about watchos 8 release date and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Series 3 get watchOS 8?

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. The Apple Watch Series 3 is one of the most anticipated devices to be introduced at the iPhone X launch event. Here is everything you need to know about the watchOS 8 update:

Are all Apple watches still supported?

Apple has long been known for supporting their products for a long time, and it appears that Apple Watch support is continuing to be a selling point for the Apple Watch at least. The latest release of watchOS 8 brings with it a number of significant changes, and has also been accompanied by a fair amount of confusion as to whether or not the Apple Watch is still supported. So, it’s worth taking a closer look at what is new and what is supported in watchOS 8, and what the future may hold for Apple watch users. Apple has made a great deal of hype around the release of watchOS 8, its newest operating system for the Apple Watch. The update is designed to make the smartwatch much more useful, and it is a great time to upgrade if you’ve been holding back from buying. The most important updates in watchOS 8 are the introduction of a new Assistant, and support for third-party apps.

How long will the Apple Watch Series 4 be supported?

Yesterday, Apple announced their latest Apple Watch update, the Series 4. The biggest change for the Series 4 is that it is now water resistant up to 50 meters. This makes it the first Apple Watch with a waterproof case. However, it will now not work underwater, if you want to go swimming with it you will have to take it off and put it in a bag of water to keep it from shorting out, or take it to the nearest Apple Store to replace it with the Sport model. As the Apple Watch Series 4 was just announced, we wanted to take a look at the timeframe of the device’s operating system support and when it will be fully supported on the Apple Watch. At the time of writing, watchOS 8 is still in beta (Beta 2 was released in July 2017) and Apple has said that it will be released to the public in September 2017. However, that is still yet to happen, so how long will the Apple Watch Series 4 be supported?

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