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These are the Windows 11 build 22000.65 bugs

Just as Windows 10 has a new build with new features and bugs, Microsoft is doing the same with its upcoming Windows 11. In the past, the company has named its new builds after famous musicians, and now it has something called “Windows 11” to help consumers learn about it. “Windows 11” will replace the old “Windows 10” in the coming years, as Microsoft will be upgrading its operating system to the new version. Windows 10 was released to the public on July 29, and it has received a lot of positive feedback from tech enthusiasts, who have praised the new features and improvements, and the way it manages and improves upon its predecessors.

This is a list of known bugs that will be found in the Windows 11 Consumer Preview Build 22000.65. If you’re going to be testing this build, be sure to share your experiences with us.

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  • Microsoft has released build 22000.65 for the upcoming Windows 11 operating system.
  • Users who have installed it and are currently testing it are finding all sorts of bugs and problems.
  • From visual bugs to problems with the activation button, all of these system bugs limit the quality of the game.
  • This article contains the most important bugs found in build 22000.65.

Despite the fact that the new version of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system has only been released a short time ago, users have been quick to notice and note a few issues that cast a shadow over the software.

In this article, we are going to tell you about all the bugs present in the latest version of Windows 11, so you know what works and what doesn’t work as it should so far.

Official construction news 22000.65 Windows 11

As with any new software release, nothing will be perfect. In fact, it’s about engaging the community in this hunt for bugs to improve the system.

And Windows users are notoriously intransigent when it comes to such calls from Microsoft.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated on this new version, and any others that are released before Windows 11 is ready.

If you’re also interested in the list of bugs reported in the first Windows 11 pre-build, you can check out our detailed article.

Without further ado, here are some of the bugs reported so far for the 22000.65 version of the upcoming operating system.

Clicking the Refresh button turns off pop-up menus

As reported by a Reddit user, Windows 11 apparently drops out completely when you click the Refresh button.

After performing a simple update, by far the most common and used action on a Windows operating system, the right-click drop-down menus no longer work.

It is also reported that this happens when you right-click on a folder to open the same menu.

Yeah, it’s broken here too. Also, the right click only works on the desktop, if I go to another folder, the right click disappears completely.

This problem does not occur to everyone, as many users claim that everything on their site works as it should.

Nvidia monitor drivers cause visual stuttering

As another Windows 11 user reported on social media, the new version of Windows 11 is subjected to visual testing when third-party software is introduced into it.

In particular, as long as the Nvidia GPU drivers are installed, it will be difficult for the system to adapt and provide a clean visual experience.

Even uninstalling and then reinstalling these drivers did not solve the problem, only cancelling the update that brought the user back to Windows 10 seemed to work.

Taskbar icons are chaotically arranged and staggered

Another problem that users quickly noticed in the new version of Windows 11 is the taskbar itself. Compared to the previous version, the icons seem to take up much more space this time.

The person reporting this problem also checked to see if the TaskbarSi in file had not been accidentally reset, but it turned out not to be the case.

This visual disturbance is clearly included. While this is not something that anyone notices immediately, it is a red flag to the discerning eye of a Windows user.

We know that many people expected Microsoft to come up with better spacing between items and a tighter, more visual placement of everything in the taskbar.

While this is not one of the bugs threatening the system, usability standards remain, and aesthetics are still an important part of any Windows 11 user’s personal experience.

Hi, Sergei! I like that you found a way to give us little icons in the taskbar. But with the 22000.65 update, the distance between the symbols has increased significantly! I had to loosen about 6 pins to make everything fit again. Is there any way to get a tweak that lets you change the distance between icons?

– Thorne Hart (@ChicoThorn) 9. July 2021

Windows activation key is no longer valid

This is one of the strangest problems reported by users about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, which was missing in the previous version.

Reddit user xrandallx reports that after installing version 22000.65, his Windows operating system was no longer active because the activation key was removed from the system.

This seems to be a big problem, because without the activation key, your Windows operating system can no longer take advantage of the long list of features.

The Fn button cannot be used after the unit is set to standby

Don’t think the above problems are strange enough for you? Here’s one that’s also a serious contender for the strangest Windows 11 bug award.

Apparently, as noted by another Reddit user, once the device is put to sleep with the new version of the OS or automatically shuts down and goes to sleep, the Fn key actually stops responding when used again.

Only rebooting the system solves this annoying problem. So you can understand why people don’t see this as a valid solution.

Here’s what MilesKjeller had to say about it on his Reddit account:

All drivers are up to date and I am using the latest version of Windows 11 (22000.65 at the time of writing).

If the device goes into time-out or sleep mode (closing the lid, Fn+4, etc.), all Fn combinations will not be saved when the device is awakened until the device is restarted.
It’s definitely a driver or Windows issue, and it’s more of an annoyance than a serious problem, but I wonder if anyone here has encountered something similar on their ThinkPad?

Toolbar missing/transparent

Users have already encountered it in the latest version of Windows 11. It is not yet clear which system problem causes this visual error, but the effect seems to be the same.

Triggers include changing the background or theme, or simply turning on the power saving feature on your device.

After performing some of these actions, the taskbar becomes completely invisible, as if it doesn’t exist.

Some users who have encountered this problem have found workarounds. Changing the theme several times or hiding and reactivating the taskbar seems to solve the problem.

However, an official and more permanent decision from Microsoft on this issue is still awaited.

What other bugs have you encountered while testing Windows 11 build 22000.65? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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