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The Display Lino Gothic Font

Do you like letterpress printing? The Display Font I created is rich in letterpress texture. It was made from several prints taken with a Linocut. The hand-printed font was given a vintage, weathered woodtype look by printing it on to paper. You also get a hand-drawn script font.

If you like this font, you’ll love my latest called Choose Love–

OpenType SVG bitmap font has multiple uppercase characters to make a real letterpress type. The SVG font offers five alternative for every A-Z characters. Each one is printed differently. You can combine and match these options to create a design that is unique.

Display Lino Gothic Font
Display Lino Gothic Font

Display Lino Gothic Font

Display Lino Gothic Font

Display Lino Gothic Font

Display Lino Gothic Font

Display Lino Gothic Font

Fonts printed as letterpress

It has a lot more detail than a standard font, making it look amazing.

It also contains a classic vector font and a hand-made marker pen typeface.

Selecting alternative characters and changing colour in Photoshop;

OpenType SVG bitmap font

Lino Gothic is using the OpenType-SVG Bitmap font.

Traditional vector fonts have one color and no transparency. Lino Gothic offers full transparency, thousands of grey and black shades and hundreds of other colors. OpenType-SVG Bitmaps gives Lino Gothic more detail than its predecessor.

OpenType SVG. Please read

The OpenType-SVG bitmap technology is new. Although limited, support is improving.

The OpenType-SVG Bitmaps fonts are only compatible with the most recent versions of Photoshop and Illustrator CC 2017+. These fonts also work in the latest versions of Windows, but only with Illustrator CC2018+ and Photoshop CC2017+.

Windows users: You might not be able to see the letters of your font when installing the font. However, it works in all the other applications listed above.

Adobe Indesign doesn’t fully support OpenType SVG bitmap fonts. So, don’t buy it. We have warned you.

Image Backups

High-resolution images have been provided for older software. This allows you to still create letterforms in Photoshop, or any other application.

Lino Gothic SVG Fonts are limited so Lino Gothic SVG or Vector does not include diacritical marks.

Available with Lino Gothic font

  • Use uppercase characters
  • There are five alternative A-Z characters
  • Basic numbers and punctuation
  • Basic symbols
  • All glyphs have image backups

Includes the Lino Gothic vector font

  • Use uppercase characters
  • An assortment of alternative options
  • Basic numbers and punctuation
  • Basic symbols

Includes the Lino Gothic pen font

  • Use uppercase characters
  • An assortment of alternative options
  • Basic numbers and punctuation
  • Basic symbols
  • Signs and Marks
  • Support for all languages of the West, Central, and South Eastern Europeans

Before you purchase the font, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Simon Stratford

Hi. This is me, or itmesimon, aka Simon Stratford. Everything I do is custom-made typefaces, ready-to-buy fonts for designers like you and occasional digital oil paintings for print.

Over 20 years I have been in the industry of design. I taught photoshop and web design as well as movie promotion and branding agencies. I think I’ve had most of my jobs. The daily commute to London and the rat race made me tired. The rat race and the daily commute in London made me tired. I decided to stop doing what I wasn’t supposed to do, and start doing creative things.

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The Display Lino Gothic Font Demo is only for PERSONAL USE!

This font

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