Scarlet Nexus Mysterious Text Data Locations Guide

The Scarlet Nexus Mysterious Text Data Locations is a guide for finding the mysterious data fragments that are scattered across the Nexus unzombified maps in the original Red Dead Redemption. This guide is composed of a series of locations for the fragmented data that are hidden across the unzombified maps. The locations are listed in the order that you should visit them but are kept in a randomized format to keep the locations secret.

We recently created a guide (see above) to show where Text Data storage is located on the Nexus 6p in order to hack it. Text Data is saved in the system/data/ database file.

Many people have asked for an in-depth guide to the mysterious text data locations of the Scarlet Nexus. The truth is, we can’t be certain where they’re located, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make educated guesses. Anyone who has read my guide to the Blue Nexus will remember that the data is stored in a series of locations across three different accounts. A few people have asked if I am able to take a picture of the text data, so I went ahead and snapped some screenshots. These screenshots show the locations on a Nexus 5 running Android 6.0:

Main Manuals Data Recovery Guide for the Scarlet Nexus Mystery Text

Welcome to the Scarlet Nexus Mysterious Text Data locations guide that will help you find a total of 10 Mysterious Text Data locations for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC Action RPG games.

Finding and collecting all mystery text passages will unlock the following achievement/trophy:

  • Knowledge of the Past (10 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) – Collected all the data from the mysterious text.

The chronology of all these mysterious text passages in the game is shown below.

Aloy Nexus Guide Index:

Scarlet Nexus Mysterious Text Data

board: The location of the mystery text data will become available in phase 7: Where lost memories lead to the former OSF hospital area of Seyran City.

Find the missing information in the mystery text In the game, the mysterious text data simply appears as a yellow, swirling, floating holographic cube, which you can pick up if you stand near it. You can confirm that they are mystery texts by just walking up to them, as the text on the screen tells you that you can press the action/exploration button, and you will pick them up and receive a message: Note on work – message received from the brain.

Does the game save all the cryptic text data you have collected? : Yes, the game automatically saves the mystery texts you just collected when you take mystery texts, so you don’t have to play until the end of the phase assignment. After collecting each collectible, you can safely leave the mission without losing your progress. – Once collected, these mystery texts cannot be collected again.

Where do I find all that mysterious text data in the Scarlet Nexus? The location of collection objects in the mystery text dataset is described in this detailed video tutorial.

Mystery textThe dates in the video are in chronological order of appearance.


Scarlet Nexus – Guide to finding all mysterious text data (Trophy / Achievement Guide Knowledge of the Past)

Time in minutes for instructions to retrieve cryptogram data:

  • [00:04] 1/10 Mysterious location of text data
  • 00:24] 2/10 Mysterious location of text data
  • 00:47] 3/10 The mysterious location of text data
  • [01:10] 4/10 Mysterious location of text data
  • 01:33] 5/10 Mysterious location of text data
  • 02:02] 6/10 The mysterious place of textual data
  • 02:29] 7/10 The mysterious place of text data
  • [03:00] 8/10 The mysterious place of text data
  • 03:28] 9/10 The mysterious place of textual data
  • 03:54] 10/10 The mysterious place of textual data

That’s it! You’ll find all the cryptic text data from the Scarlet Nexus itself!

Thanks to Gaming with Abyss for the video and advice.

Please respond if you have other tips on where Scarlet Nexus can find cryptic text data, we would appreciate it. – Thank you for your visit!

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