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How to Use Desktop As Second Monitor For Any Laptop

We all know that laptops and desktops come with their own screens. The laptop screen is usually much larger than the screen on the desktop, and the laptop screen is usually much farther away from the user. If you want to use your laptop as kind of a second monitor, you can use your laptop with an external monitor. There is a wide range of monitors available, and you can connect your laptop to external monitors in different ways.

For me, the main benefit of using a second monitor ended up being the ability to multitask. While I was busy working on the second monitor, I was still able to keep up with important emails and documents, and even manage to play some games as well.

If you have ever tried using your laptop to multi-task on your desktop, you know how difficult it can be to use a second monitor. It’s a lot easier to do with your laptop, but not when you have to take your laptop out to use it. We’ve covered some of the tricks you can use on your desktop to make it easier to use your laptop as a second monitor.. Read more about how to connect a monitor to a laptop and use both screens and let us know what you think.Having two screens certainly increases productivity significantly.

You can have two or more full-size windows, depending on the size of your screen.

But how do you start using a desktop computer as a second monitor for a laptop?

It’s very simple.

Since the usual way to connect a second monitor is via a cable, your desktop computer will not work in this case.

What we’re trying to do is: There is a work computer and a laptop. You can now use the laptop and make the desktop monitor a second monitor.

Mirror monitor on the same network

(Via Wi-Fi or LAN cable)

You can connect a second wireless and wired monitor on the same network.

So the first thing you need to do is connect your desktop and laptop to the same network or router via Wi-Fi or LAN, but they need to be on the same network.

Second monitor setting

On the second monitor on which you want to display the monitor screen, proceed as follows

Start > Settings > System > Project for this PC

If you are doing this for the first time, it is likely that the wireless display is not installed. In this case, a small warning is shown in the Project to this PC tab.

Just click Add Additional Functionality and select Wireless View from the list. It only takes a minute to download and install the 1-2 MB file.

In the current tab, you can also maintain various things, such as B.,

  • Can project any device onto your device
  • Request a projection on this PC
  • PIN code required for pairing

You can now start Connect by clicking on the Start Connect to project to this PC option or just look for Connect in the Start menu.

Select Run Connect Application to project to this PC.

When you launch the Connect application, you will see a new window with a blue background, as shown below.

Windows Connect app

Your device is ready to be used as a second monitor,

Setting the first monitor

Now press the key combination Windows + P on the laptop (first monitor) to open the Project Sidebar

Windows Project Sidebar

Now select the Wireless Display Connection tab.

You should now see a list of available devices to which you can project your PC screen,

You can also open this sidebar directly (list of wireless devices you can project your screen onto) by pressing Windows key + K.

Select the secondary monitor where we are running the Connect application,

Connecting to a secondary monitor

That’s it, your computer screen should be displayed on the secondary screen depending on the option selected in the sidebar.

There are 4 ways to use the optional display

  • PC screen only – use only the current screen, which is used by default.
  • Duplicate – displays the screen as a duplicate on the second monitor. Good for sharing screens.
  • Expansion is everyone’s favorite. Make it a second screen, so you can drag and drop everything between your current laptop screen and the second screen.
  • Second screen only – To use the second screen only. If you don’t want to work on a small screen, you can just dock your laptop and work on a second screen.

I select expand, and if you’re on the same network as your desktop, you’ll see something like this.

In our case, we have our desktop computer

Mirrored display over HDMI

If you use HDMI to mirror the monitor’s screen to a second monitor, it’s easy.

Connect the HDMI to both monitors, once the HDMI is connected, your system will automatically detect the second monitor if not.

Press the Windows + P key and select the mode in which you want to project the screen onto the secondary monitor.With the help of DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, gamers can play games on big screen while still having a dual laptop screen on their keyboard and the mouse.. Read more about how to use laptop as second monitor and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my laptop as a second monitor with HDMI?

What if you could use your laptop as a second monitor? You could plug in an extra monitor and work on both at the same time, without having to switch between windows. Sounds like an awesome idea, right? Well, there is one catch, the laptop you want to use this way needs a special adapter, and that’s the topic of this article. For years I have been using a dual monitor setup. Each monitor is a workspace essentially and I am able to use my laptop as a second monitor. This is how I have been able to run Photoshop and do many other graphics work. I have even been able to run games on dual monitors. But lately, I have been having problems with my laptop overheating when I am running a program on my secondary monitor. I have noticed that my laptop is not getting enough air to cool the processor and after a while I am getting a heat up warning on my computer. This is a problem because my laptop is on all the time when I am working so the heat can build up. So I thought that if I am using my laptop as a secondary monitor

Can I use my all in one PC screen as a second monitor for my laptop?

If you are like me, you might have a laptop computer with an all in one screen. If you want to turn it into a second monitor for your laptop, you’re going to have to buy a screen that is compatible. The best screen to use as a second monitor is a second generation 19-inch laptop screen for a few reasons. With a growing number of devices and platforms to use and work with, it can be hard to keep tabs on all the information being fed to you. We are constantly exposed to a plethora of content, whether it’s on our smartphones, tablets, or laptops, and it’s important that we’re able to do it all. If you’ve decided that your next portable computer is going to be an all-in-one unit, you can use your laptop’s monitor as a secondary display for your portable PC, which can be very handy when you want to play a game on your phone while typing up an e-mail on the laptop’s keyboard.

Can I connect my laptop to my desktop?

Many people want the flexibility to switch between their laptop and their desktop computer. While a smart TV might be able to do this, a dual monitor setup can be a bit trickier, especially if you’re wanting to mirror the screen on your laptop. Luckily however, it’s not impossible. In this guide, you’ll learn how to connect your laptop to your desktop so you can use your laptop as a second monitor for your PC. Having a full-fledged desktop at home is great. It means you’ve got a large screen to work on, multiple inputs to connect devices, more space and power to work with, and the ability to install all sorts of software. If you’re like me, however, you don’t have a large screen at home. Instead, you have a small laptop that can sometimes serve as your second monitor.

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