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How To Fix Android Phone Stuck in Headphone Mode? [Solved]

Now a days there are a lot of people are using their smart phones. They use it to listen to music, watch videos, Skype, go online, make calls, play games and more. Sadly, most of us experience this. The phone suddenly stops working in some way, you are unable to make or receive calls, you can’t play games or listen to music. This happens all the time to everyone, and that is why in this post we are going to show you how to fix a phone stuck in headphone mode.

Some Android devices tend to become stuck in a headphone mode. This is usually due to a problem within the phone’s software.

Android smartphones getting stuck in headset mode is a common problem. Find out how to disable headset mode on Android here.

What does the earpiece symbol mean?

If you see the headset icon on your Android phone, it means your headset or earphones are connected.

Android interface

This means that the sound is played through headphones or earphones, but not through the speakers.

The headset icon disappears when you disconnect the headset or earphone from the Android phone.

If the headset icon still appears after disconnection and there is no sound from the phone speakers. Then you might have a problem.

Why is headset mode on my phone?

Here are some of the reasons why your Android phone displays headset mode even when no headphones or earphones are connected:

Damaged headphone jack or Bluetooth issues

This is a hardware problem where the headphone jack does not recognize your headphones or earphones. It may have been damaged by a fall, water may have seeped in, or dirt may have penetrated.

Your smartphone may already be outdated. If you have a wireless headset or earbuds, there may be an issue with the Bluetooth or network settings.

Disconnect the headphones without interrupting the music

If you accidentally or unintentionally disconnect the headphones while listening to music.

The problem may be that the phone has not received a signal from the headphone jack, that the headphones are not connected. For wireless headsets this is not a problem.

How do I fix a phone that is stuck in headset mode?

Let’s move on to solutions to get rid of an Android smartphone stuck in headset mode.

Clean headphone jack

This is a solution for those who use headphone jacks. Use a dry air purifier or blower to remove dirt from the headphone jack.

You can also use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to remove the dirt.

NOTES: For Type-C smartphone users without a headphone jack, this solution will not work.

To clean your headphones properly

Factory reset

If the cleaning does not work. The next step is a factory reset. This solution is also suitable for wireless headphones and earphones.

Be sure to back up your files before performing a factory reset. Then see How do I perform a factory reset on my Android smartphone or iPhone for instructions on how to do this.

Factory reset may be the answer, but be careful.

Download the Enable Speaker application

The Headphone Off – Speakers On application is a quick and easy solution to the headphone mode problem. This disables the headphone mode and ensures that the music is played through the speakers.

However, this is not the most reliable way to solve the problem because it may not work with your phone, if it works at all.

In addition, it may contain advertising. It has a high success rate, so it’s worth a try.

Contact with a workshop

When all else fails. You have two options: take it to a professional repair service or buy a new phone. This is the best and most reliable way to get rid of the headset mode.

Final thoughts

Android, as free software, has its share of problems. And frankly, no operating system is free of problems. Android smartphones getting stuck in headset mode is a common problem.

Fortunately, the reasons were given at the same time as the decision. Follow them and there is a very good chance that the problem will be solved.

Here’s everything you need to know about disabling or fixing an Android smartphone stuck in headset mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my android off headphone mode?

When you plug in headphones into your android device, it automatically switches to headphone mode. To get your android device off headphone mode, follow the steps below: 1) Open your device settings 2) Go to the “Sound & notification” tab 3) Go to the “Audio output” tab 4) Change the “Output mode” to “speaker” 5) When you’re done, tap “Done” and you’re done!

How do you get your phone unstuck from headphone mode?

If you can’t get your phone unstuck from headphone mode, try using a toothpick to pry up the headphone jack.

Why are my headphones showing up on my phone?

If you’re using a Bluetooth headset, you may see your headphones listed on your phone. If you’re using a wired headset, you may see a USB device listed on your phone.

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