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FIX: Sec_error_ocsp_future_response (on Firefox)

I got people asking me why Firefox randomly stops working on some sites. I want to keep working on Firefox, but I really want to make sure that everything works first. So I fixed the issue, but I forgot to write down the fix. Here’s a note about this problem, and why it is important.

The first time I ran into this problem, I had to search for a fix. It turns out this is a problem that has been around for a while, and there are several ways to fix this. I found some good solutions by searching the web. I added them to this post, so that if you run into this problem, the steps are here.

The security certificate validation code in Firefox is a very powerful tool that enables us to verify that a server is an authorized one or not, but it doesn’t handle the case of future certificates. The code in question is “OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE” and it is used to validate the validity of certificates. When you visit a website that uses HTTPS, the browser will check that the website’s certificate says that the website belongs to the company that the browser thinks it belongs to.

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  • OCSP is an Internet protocol that transmits information about the certification status of websites. But it also has its drawbacks.
  • For example, sec_error_ocsp_future_response can prevent you from accessing legitimate websites through Firefox.
  • The full error code: sec_error_ocsp_future_response means that the OCSP response is not yet valid (contains a future date).
  • If you’re looking to fix sec_error_ocsp_future_response Firefox, try setting your system time and refreshing your browser.

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Some time ago, Firefox users complained about sec_error_ocsp_future_response on the Mozilla forum. Unfortunately, this is not yet a thing of the past. The error code: sec_error_ocsp_future_response seems to appear when users try to open web pages in Firefox. The full error message indicates that the OCSP response is not yet valid (contains a future date). An error has occurred during connection. The OCSP response is not yet valid (contains a future date). Error Code : SEC_ERROR_OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE. As frustrating as this can be, there are still ways around this error, and we’ll look at those in the next guide. Read on to find out which sec_error_ocsp_future_response Firefox patch is best for you.

How do I correct an OCSP error?

1. Switching to another browser

If you constantly have problems opening web pages in Firefox, consider switching to Opera. Given the impressive basic capabilities of this browser, it is certain that sec_error_ocsp_future_response will not bother you anymore. Opera’s amazing functionality surpasses that of many popular plug-ins, including Chrome or Mozilla. Contextual video, integrated VPN, integrated messaging and My Flow are just a few of the key enhancements. With the built-in ad blocker, your web pages will load faster and you won’t be bothered by unwanted ads or images. The program also includes several built-in packages such as task development, battery saving, tab management and more, all wrapped up in a user-friendly interface.


Looking for a fast, reliable browser with a flexible and customizable interface? Give it a try!

2. Firefox update

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. In Firefox, click the Open button in the menu.
  3. Press Help to access other menu items.
  4. Select the About Firefox option.
  5. Click Restart to update Firefox.

The error code: sec_error_ocsp_future_response can be triggered when users use an outdated version of the browser. Make sure you follow the steps above to update Firefox.

3. Checking the time and date in Windows 10

  1. Click on the clock in the taskbar, to the right.
  2. Press the key combination Windows + S.
  3. Enter the keyword time in the search field.
  4. Click Change Date and Time to open the Settings window.
  5. Activate the Set time automatically option.
  6. Restart the desktop or laptop computer.
  7. Press the Change button to manually adjust the time and date settings.
  8. Click the Edit button and restart Windows.

This should answer one of the most important questions about this problem: What does Sec_error_ocsp_future_response mean? The Sec OCSP future response error essentially indicates that your system clock is set to a past date or time. To solve this problem, we recommend you to set the time locally by following the steps above. Message: You may also need to replace the computer’s CMOS battery if the Windows date and time are constantly changing. This can be done by removing the old CMOS from the motherboard, but some users prefer to take their PCs to computer repair services to replace the CMOS battery.

4. Disable OCSP authentication

  1. Start Firefox.
  2. Click on the Settings menu and select Preferences.
  3. On the left side of the tab, click Privacy and Security.
  4. Scroll down to the Query OCSP Response Server option to confirm the current validity of the certification.
  5. Uncheck the Query OCSP responder server check box.
  6. Close and restart Firefox

If you follow these steps, you will be able to completely resolve the SEC_ERROR_OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE error in Mozilla Firefox. Feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below and let us know which of the above methods worked best for you. Still having problems? Repair them with this tool:

  1. Download this PC recovery tool with excellent reviews on (download starts on this page).
  2. Click on the Start Scan button to scan for Windows issues that may be causing the PC problems.
  3. Click Repair All to fix problems with patented technology (exclusive discount for our readers).

Restoro was downloaded by 0 readers this month. Frequently asked questions Not enough details. It’s hard to understand Other Contact an expert Take part in the discussionThis week I fixed an issue with Sec_error_ocsp_future_response (on Firefox) and was able to run the OCSP response test successfully. Unfortunately I was not able to get to the deep root cause of the problem and I have no idea how this was happening in the first place, so I’m hoping that someone with more knowledge will be able to figure this out.. Read more about secure connection failed error code: sec_error_ocsp_future_response and let us know what you think.

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