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Destiny 2 How to Use Splicer Gauntlet

I have been playing Destiny 2 on PC for nearly a month now. I have always been a console gamer and I was excited to check out all the new content that was added in the PC version, but it was difficult to adjust to the console controls at first. After I started playing the game, I realized that the PC controls are much easier to use and actually make the game a lot more fun to play. I even had a few friends join me on my journey. One of them was my friend Bewb, and he was actually a pretty good player. However, for some reason, he would always gravitate towards the Splicer groups. I did not understand why he would do this, because if he stopped progressing in the game,

The Destiny 2 splicer gauntlet is one of the new guns that comes with the game. It is a simple weapon, but it’s power comes from the way players can use it. The first main use of the splicer gauntlet is to “splice” it into fireteam gear. This way, players can find themselves using the gauntlet to fight the enemy, and switch it to a weapon category it can’t use. Once the player dies, they can “splice” back into the gear, and keep using the gauntlet as normal. This can be very useful for players who like to play in one fireteam, and it also gives players plenty of power, as the gauntlet holds a very powerful weapon. ~~

word-image-237 With the launch of Season of the Splicer, players can obtain an item called the Splicer Gauntlet. Just like with the Evidence Hammer you can open the vaults of Conflux during neutralization missions. If you use the splicer gauntlet, you get lots of rewards for catching up and an easy way to get decrypted data. Also read :

Use of a splitting head

word-image-238 At the end of the cancellation mission, two chests appear – the loot chest and the conflux chest. The loot stash can be opened for free by all players at the end of the Override mission, but to open the confluence chest you need a key code. A code key can be made and inserted into the split sleeve (space is limited) and is used when opening a Conflux safe.

How to get key codes

Currently, the only way to get the key codes is to craft them by opening the splicer gauntlet, which can be found in the quest tab after obtaining them. Key codes can be created at any time as long as you have air, you can even create them during a cancellation mission or in the end game. The number of key codes can be increased by upgrading your splicer ghost in H.E.L.M. with decrypted data.

How to get to the ether

Decoded data can be obtained by participating in events such as. For example, take part in public events on different planets or by traversing lost sectors and opening chests at the end. Lost areas you can traverse multiple times to collect ether quickly if you complete them fast enough, and public events also yield a good amount. You can participate in strikes, Crucible events, Gambits, etc. and earn Aether by completing quests and killing enemies. If you want to learn more about how to mine Aether, check out our guide on mining Aether in Destiny 2.

Splicer glove upgrade

word-image-239 With the decrypted data you get from reburials, you can upgrade your Hauntlet Splicer to effectively mine the decrypted data and earn more rewards. The upgrades you choose get better as you complete the cancellation missions, so it’s wise to focus on choosing the important ones first. Major upgrades include a larger Aether collection, key codes and Aether capacity, as well as Codestrider upgrades that make neutralization missions easier.

Splicer glove upgrade

Below is a list of all the upgrades for each level that you can use to improve the performance of splicer gloves in Destiny 2.


  • Codestrider – Make more platforms appear, giving you more ways to traverse the Vex network.
  • Neutralization Efficiency – Gets you more rewards from Conflux chests and a targeted drop of Shadow Engrams once a week.
  • Eliminate – Reduces damage from defensive walls and lasers in the Vex network.
  • Aether Filter – Increases the chance of getting aether back from enemies.
  • Stop and Shoot – Get more ammo from ammo boxes in cancelled missions.
  • Memory expansion – The ether capacity of the splicer’s glove has been increased by 50 and the key code capacity has been increased to 4 slots.
  • Abuse Vulnerability – Gives you the chance to get Shadow Engrams that you can get from corrupted Vex chests, as well as once a week seasonal high-status or double perk items.

Level 2

  • Signal Booster – Additional gravity cannons can now be used in Expunge missions.
  • Control Effectiveness II – even more rewards for Conflux chests and twice weekly targeted Umbral Engram drops.
  • Exception II – Further reduction of protective damage in the Vex network
  • Aether Filter II – Enemies are even more likely to receive aether drops when killed.
  • Stop and fire II – more ammo replenished by picking up ammo boxes.
  • Memory Expansion II – The ether capacity of the slicer gauntlet has been increased by 50, and the key code capacity has been increased to 5 slots.
  • Vulnerability Exploitation II – Increases the chance of umbral engrams falling from corrupted Vex chests, and now 2 seasonal items with high stats or double perks can fall.

Level 3

  • Wirewalker – allows you to use the Splicer Gauntlet to open shortcuts and remove obstacles in Expunge missions.
  • Override III Efficiency – Maximize rewards from Override chests, with an increased chance of better gear in Vex chests and 3 targeted Shadow Engrams per week in Conflux chests.
  • Elimination Exception III – Significant reduction of damage to defensive installations on the Vex network
  • Aether Filter III – the chance to obtain aether increases and increases even more when quests are completed.
  • Halt and Fire III – Ammo boxes for Override give you a lot more ammo.
  • Memory Expansion III – The etheric capacity of your splicer glove is increased by 100, and the key code capacity is increased to 6 slots.
  • Exploiting Vulnerabilities III – Increased chances of getting the best rewards from Vex chests, and guaranteed 3 double or high value season tickets every week.


  • Getting a code strider update is one of the first important steps when focusing on running overrides, as they allow you to navigate the network using shortcuts.
  • Be sure to fill the glove slots if you have enough ether to make key codes later.
  • When mining ether, it is very important to get upgrades for ether filters, as they increase the amount you can get if you try to mine more of this resource.
  • Upgrading your splicer glove makes it easier for you to get the decrypted data and allows you to get more rewards later by completing more missions.
  • Try to master the Override and Expunge missions to complete them faster and increase your speed of decrypted data collection.


The Splicer Gauntlet is a great way to collect new gear and access different parts of Destiny 2. Like the event hammer, the splicer glove is tied to your seasonal outfit, and if you stay focused on it, you can build a good package with better stats and better throws. Each week, players can be rewarded with a variety of targeted umbral engrams and can use the decoded data to create their own specialties.

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