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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Complete Quest Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for Destiny 2. If you are looking for Destiny 2 Walkthrough, Raids, Strikes, Xur, Mods, Exotics, Weapon and Armor Database, then this is the right place to visit. This is a complete guide to Destiny 2, from level 1 to the maximum level. In this guide, you can find everything about Destiny 2. Mara Biography: Hi, this is MarBioGamer/Mara and I’m creating videos on Destiny 2, I was a Demon Hunter in Destiny 1 and doing a few PvP videos. My first guide on Destiny 2 is the complete quest walkthrough.

Destiny 2 is the sequel to the popular franchise Destiny. It was developed by Bungie and published by Activision on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game features a new story campaign and multiplayer modes, and introduces new weapons, modes, quests, and locations. Players assume the role of a Guardian, defenders of Earth’s last safe city as they wield a power called Light to protect the City from different alien races.

Destiny 2 has a ton of quests in the game, but some of the best quests are the ones that are part of the main campaign. They are relatively short, but they can be a lot of fun, and they give you some of the best rewards. However, they can be a bit tricky to understand, so that’s why we created this Destiny 2 Beyond Light Complete Quest Walkthrough. This guide will help you complete all the main campaign quests in Destiny 2.

word-image-2711 Quest Beyond Light was first released on the 10th. November 2020 introduced a whole new storyline, as well as the new power of stasis. This quest, released at the same time as the expansion, focuses on the events on Europa and introduces a new story with Varix and Elixni. In this adventure, you learn about the new power known as Stasis and begin to grant and control it at will, while changing the lives of the people of Europe for the better. There are 34 steps to complete the Beyond the World quest, all of which are listed below with the required instructions.

Complete a new Kell task (step 1)

word-image-2712 When you arrive on Europa, the game The Knew Kell begins and you must complete a mission to save Varix from his pursuers. You will have to fight various enemies until you find Varick’s location, where you will have to protect him from new enemies coming to attack him. Check out our Walkthrough The New Kell for more information about the mission.

Return to Varix to discuss the Eramis ramp-up (step 2)

After you deal with New Kell, go back to where Varick stops and he’ll tell you more about what he talked about during the first meeting. If you talk to Varix after New Kell, the Rise of the Resistance quest becomes available and the next level of the quest is unlocked.

Complete the mission Resist (step 3)

word-image-2713 In the next stage you have to complete the mission Resistance Rising, in which you have to help Varix to build a communication network. This communication network will be the key to Varick’s ability to reach those who do not wish to fall under Eramis’ control. For more details on the mission, see our presentation Rising Resistance.

Talking to an outsider (step 4)

At the end of the Resistance Rising mission there is a skit after which you meet the Exo-Alien. After the scene ends, you must speak to Exo the Stranger, who will give you a Dark Shard that you can modify later.

Set up a shard in darkness (step 5)

word-image-2714 Once you obtain the Shard of Darkness, you must take it to a nearby Ziggurat to activate its power. Next, you must find a Crook of Darkness in the Nexus to connect the Shard of Darkness to try the power of stasis.

Communicate with the Circle of Darkness in the NEXUS (step 6)

Follow the landmark to the Nexus and enter there, where you’ll find the Crooks of Darkness, who you’ll need to interact with to begin the setup. You have almost unlimited stasis energy, and you need to kill all the enemies in the area, as well as those that appear to complete this stage. When you’re done, the power is turned off and you have to test if he can open closed chests in stasis. For more information on this step, see our guide on the Beyond the Light – Shards of Darkness quest.

Protect the stasis lock vault in the NEXUS (step 7)

Nearby is a stasis barrier chest that you must access by unlocking it after removing the stasis barrier. This allows you to unlock certain chests that require you to have an affinity for a new stasis item that will appear later in the game.

Regrouping with Varix in transition of Charon (step 8)

Once you have tasted the darkness, you must return to Varix to continue the mission. You can easily reach him by taking a short trip to Charon’s Crossing and meeting him where you first met him. Varix is a little concerned that you have a new power, but he hopes you can use it against Eramis.

Defeat the traps of the Ruins of Eventide in one life (step 9)

Your next step is to head to the ruins of Eventide, where you’ll have to beat a lot of traps to advance. You must defeat 35 fallen enemies in the ruins of Eventide without dying, as other factions do not fill the meter.

Remove and defeat Elenax, the Salvation Army (step 10)

word-image-2715 Your next task is to travel to the Asterion Abyss and find a way to attract the attention of Elenaks, the salvation elite. You have to go there and find enemies (they are marked as targets) that you have to defeat. After you defeat some of these marked targets, the Elenaki, the elite healers, will appear nearby and you must meet and defeat them.

Complete the Imperial Warrior Hunt (Step 11)

word-image-2716 The next stage requires you to complete an imperial hunt called Warrior, which is somewhat similar to Strike, but pits you against the best members of the Eramis army. You have to go through different levels to reach Phylax, the warrior, and fight him in 3 different levels. To get the complete guide for this Empire Hunt, we have created our The Warrior Empire Hunt walkthrough for you.

Back to Exo-alien in Outland (step 12)

After defeating Phylaks the warrior, you must return to discuss your victory with Exo Stranger, who you can reach by quickly traveling to the afterlife.

Set Darkness Shine (step 13)

Just like the first time you grant a shard of darkness, return to the ziggurat for the next grant. Interact with the highlighted object and start the configuration process that will lead you to the next area where you will interact.

Communication with the Villains of Darkness in Bray Pronunciation (step 14)

You will need to travel to Bray Exoscience to speak with another Crook of Darkness to further develop your new stasis abilities. You can save time by taking a short detour through Charon’s Crossing before your vehicle reaches the waypoint. Bray Exoscience seems to be some sort of laboratory, and Crooks of Darkness will be in that area. Deal with the Dark Crooks in the same way as in the previous case, kill all the enemies and finish by dealing with the Crooks again. For more information on the Bray Exoscience Splinter of Darkness quest step, check out our guide.

Regrouping with varix in transition of Charon (step 15)

Once you’ve set up your shard of darkness in Exonscience Bray, return to Varix with accelerated movement (to make it faster) and proceed to the next step of the quest.

Attach trackers to Asterion Chasm (step 16)

word-image-2717 Your next task is to find some tracking devices left behind by Vex’s enemies in the Asterion Chasm. Go to the Asterion Chasm and kill Vex enemies until you’ve collected a total of 10 tracking devices, which you’ll need later.

Find and disable the Vex Conflux on Cadmus Ridge (step 17)

The next step is to take out the Vex Conflux on Cadmus Ridge, but before you do that, you need to get Ghost to scan by interacting with the object. While Ghost scans, you have to defend him, as the Vex troops keep popping up in the area and trying to stop you. To destroy Vex Conflux, you must defeat a number of enemies until a crystal (3 in total) in each area becomes vulnerable to destruction. Read our guide on disabling Vex Conflux to find out how to do this.

Complete the hunt for the empire of technocrats (step 18)

word-image-2718 The next step in the search for beyond the light is the destruction of Praxis, a technocrat who is something of an expert on Eramis technology. If you destroy Praxis, Eramis will not be able to equip his other Darkness minions, which will be an advantage if you face his army. To begin this quest, you must go to the starting point of the Technocrat Kingdom Hunt and complete it to move to the next stage of the quest. For a guide to this empire hunt, see our Technocrat’s Guide to Empire Hunting.

Return to your camp in Outland (step 19)

After you defeat the Technocrat, you must return to the Outland camp, where Zavala is waiting for you, to your surprise. He will discuss the situation with you and, instead of being outraged that you occupied the darkness without prior permission, he will tip you off.

Talking to Shaw Khan on the steppe (step 20)

After speaking with Zavala, return to the place where you started your journey in Destiny 2 – the steppe. Your next task is to go to Shaw Han and discuss your next steps, as a discovery has been made about the situation leading to the spaceport.

Defeat the Fallen in the spaceport, Separation (step 21)

It turns out that Shaw has discovered that Eramis is trying to recruit members of the House of the Devil, his former comrades. Eramis uses the adamantine of one of his warriors, Bakris, to show his power and hopes that the House of Demons will side with him. Your job is to foil the traps at the spaceport in the Rift to gain information that will provide valuable data to stop Eramis’ plans.

Eliminate Bakris, Adamantine (step 22)

After making inquiries, it becomes clear that Bakris, the Adamantine, is hiding in the garden of the lost sector of Exodus 2A. To stop Eramis’ plan, you must travel to Garden 2A and defeat Bakris, the Adamantine, who is accompanied by the original enemies of the Lost Sector. The victory over Bakris would end Eramis’ recruitment, leaving Eramis displeased with events.

Complete glass run (step 23)

Desperate to use Vex as a weapon against her enemies, Eramis seeks a portal through which Vex can overrun Europe. Their next step is to go to Europe and complete a strike, called Glass Road, to prevent an invasion. To learn how to perform a stroke, read our guide to striking the glass path.

Back to Exo-alien in Outland (step 24)

After completing the Glassway mission you have to return to Exo Stranger, who will tell you about the power of the darkness you’re immersed in. She explains how it can change the person using it, but she also believes it can be controlled and is hopeful that you can adjust your health.

Apply your darkness shard to the edge (step 25)

After defeating Praxis, your Dark Shard has become stronger, and now you have to modify it again. Return to the Ziggurat to begin the tuning process that will make your Shard of Darkness stronger and give it more control.

Communication with the circle of darkness in Riis’ improved approach (step 26)

Your next stop is Reece-Reborn-Approach, where the next Crooks of Darkness are located. Go to the indicated place (switch to Charon’s Crossing to get there faster) and make your way to the entrance of Riis Reborn. They communicate again with the Brooks of Darkness to adjust the Shard of Darkness to better control the power of darkness. You can learn more about the Riis-Reborn Approach Splinter of Darkness quest level here.

Consolidation with Varix in the transition to Charon (step 27)

After the set-up, return to Varix with a quick trip to Charon’s Crossing and talk to him again to go to the next step. During your conversation with Varix, he speaks of his desire to follow Eramis to the past, but she is blinded by anger and thus cannot save Elixni.

Ensure the escape of Allied ships from Europe (step 28)

As the Elixni prepare to evacuate, they are caught in the attacks of the Eramis army, and you must ensure their safe escape. The allied skiff is stopped by field transmitters, which you must eliminate by destroying enemy troops and getting the field transmitter codes of certain enemies. For more information on this step, see our How to Back Up an Allied Skiff on Europe guide.

Complete the Kell of Darkness mission (step 29)

word-image-2719 After Elixni is finally freed from danger, it’s time to put an end to Eramis and his plans once and for all. For this level you have to complete the quest for the Cave of Darkness, for which you have to fight Eramis with the stasis skills you just mastered.

Back to Exo-Alien in Outland (step 30)

After Eramis is defeated, you return to Exo the Alien to take care of all business and eventually gain full control of the Stasis Force. The alien will ask you to reconnect and fully embrace the new power you now have.

Prepare your Dark Shard for ultimate stasis in Outland (step 31)

A final polish of your Dark Shard awaits, and you’ll head to the Ziggurat one last time to bring it to perfection. Go to the Ziggurat and interact with the last room to finally take possession of the power of darkness known as Stasis.

Embracing the Power of Darkness (step 32)

word-image-2720 Go to the last room and interact to connect the Dark Shard, which teleports you to a temple-like atmosphere. At the end, there is a shrine with a statue that you must interact with and that offers an action Embrace the darkness within you to move to the next stage. Once you have overcome the darkness, the subclass Stasis is unlocked for your character and can be used in the game.

Return to Exo-Alien (step 33)

You have to go back to Exo Stranger and she will eventually tell you the truth about how everything fits together, including the fact that she is from a different timeline. The No Time to Explain pulse rifle is available as an exclusive reward after talking to the Exo-Alien.

Go back to the tower and talk to Zavala (step 34)

After you speak to the Exo-Alien, you must return to Zavala to report your success on Europa. If you talk to Zavala at the end of the Beyond the Light quest, you can accept the Reclaim Europe quest.Your Guardian is out to earn the other exotic weapons and items. You have to complete the quest to unlock each weapon and accessories. The quest steps are same as the other exotic quests, you need to finish the steps to unlock the weapon. I have included all the weapons and steps below.. Read more about how to start destiny 2 beyond light campaign and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete beyond light campaign?

Destiny 2’s latest questline began on December 5th with a new story mission titled “Beyond light” which featured the long-awaited return of beloved characters from the first game. While the main story mission itself was fairly straightforward, it led to a bigger endgame If you’ve been struggling to complete the Quest “Beyond Light” in Destiny 2, you’re not alone. The quest steps are currently bugged, preventing players from completing the mission to receive the Ophidia Spathe Exotic Hunter Gauntlets. Thankfully, Bungie has just posted a workaround for the bug on their help page, essentially allowing players to bypass any in-game barriers by completing the steps manually through the menu.

How long does it take to complete the Beyond Light campaign?

Destiny 2’s newest expansion, Forsaken, has been out for a few days now, and players are already busy leveling up their characters and diving into the new content. One of the main quests in this release is the Beyond Light campaign, a chain of missions that follow the history of the Awoken, an ancient race of exiles who crash-landed on the planet thousands of years ago. The story spans several regions across the solar system, and players are tasked with completing various tasks within each one in order to continue moving forward. Each week Bungie drops a new “flashpoint” on Destiny 2 players in the form of aggressive, three-player missions in which enemies are tougher and the loot is better than in the game’s usual patrols. These flashpoints are intended to be played in a certain order, and they are. The first, the Inverted Spire, was released in mid-October. It’s followed up by the second one, “The Arms Dealer,” this week. Then comes the “Last Wish” in two weeks. How long does it take to complete the Beyond Light campaign? That all depends on how much you play, and how much time you put into each mission.

What to do after finishing beyond light campaign?

Destiny 2’s new expansion, Forsaken, is upon us, bringing with it a whole new campaign and plenty of new things to do in the game. One of the most interesting new additions is the new ‘beyond light’ campaign. This campaign sees us return to orbit where we have to go on a journey to the natural (moon) and the dark (underground), to find clues to the destruction of our home. We’re nearing the end of the Beyond Light story campaign. We’ve learned what Liksis, the god behind the Red Legion’s rampage, is up to, and we’ve got a plan to stop him. Now we just have to slip into the Almighty and destroy Ghaul’s Light-eater before he can use it to kill us all and take over the universe.

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