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Context menu bug plagues Windows 11 build 22000.65

Microsoft is rolling out an update to Windows 11 to Windows Insider testers today, and this is the first sign that Windows might be getting closer to a public release. But the update is having one issue with the context menu that keeps popping up in Edge and the Windows Store, and it’s starting to annoy some people.

The latest update to Windows 11 has been released for the Insider program, which this build is for. For anyone who’s seen the “explorer context menu” bug in the Windows 10 April Update, this fixes that issue. For everyone else, the update also brings some welcome improvements that were missing in the Windows 10 April Update.

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  • As with the release of a pre-release of a new operating system, the problems start to pile up.
  • Users of version 22000.65 are already reporting numerous problems with the operating system.
  • The contextual menus seem to have suffered this time, as they don’t work well.
  • This applies to folder context menus as well as the more general menus we use every day.

When we talk about bugs in software, especially when it comes to operating systems, people usually expect serious problems and critical system failures.

But even the most trivial features can sometimes break in a system, especially during testing. However, some of us don’t expect the simplest things to ever stop working.

Have you ever wondered how Windows context menus work? Although using these drop-down menus is one of the most common and natural things you can do on a Windows device, no one thinks about it.

But what do you do when this frequently used feature fails?

build 22000.65 breaks Windows 11 context menus

It is interesting that such a commonly used and seemingly inexhaustible system function can fail. But Microsoft has found a way to do this unintentionally with the new Windows 11 pre-build.

Now that the Refresh button is back in the Windows 11 context menu, most of us will use it immediately.

This time, however, you will notice something strange. After using Refresh, your context menu is suddenly interrupted and you can’t use it because it disappears.

The same applies when you right-click on a folder or application to bring up the menu.

However, there is no need to panic as this problem does not occur to everyone. Some users claim that this problem has not occurred since they started testing the new version.

Those who have encountered this problem do not know how to solve it.

Yeah, it’s broken here too. Also, the right click only works on the desktop, if I go to another folder, the right click disappears completely.

For your information: There’s no quick fix or workaround for this annoying problem yet, but we’ll probably find one in the near future.

Or maybe Microsoft wants to do us a favor by solving this problem on their end, so we don’t have to waste time looking for the cause.

We will keep you informed of any changes in this regard. In the meantime, you can stay up to date on the latest issues with the provisional version of the operating system in our 22000.65 bug report article.

Have you had the same problem? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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