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5 best gangster games for your PC

If you’re a fan of the The Godfather series of films, you may have seen a lot of games based on it. The Mobile versions have been out for a while now, but the PC version is just now making an appearance. The game is set in a 1940’s period and has a story of an American mobster who is trying to ensure his family legacy. The game is a third-person action game played from a bird’s eye view, with the player having the ability to alter the camera angle. It’s also possible to switch between camera angles.

When you think of video games, it’s probably safe to say that a gangster is not the first thing that comes to mind. But going by the numbers, there are more gangster games out there than you may think. We’ve culled through the list of games on Steam and pulled five of the best gangster games for you to check out.

The gangster genre is a popular one, and it’s as fun to play as it is to watch. Gangster games like GTA 5 and Saints Row 4 are perfect for watching movies, but they’re also a great way to spend some quality time with friends.

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  • If you are wondering what are the best gangster games for PC, in this article we are going to tell you about the top 5 reviewed options that you should definitely consider.
  • The first is a popular masterpiece with beautiful graphics and unique gameplay.
  • For fans of the Italian mafia, a game with rich dialogue and believable accents is just right.
  • If you like Hong Kong action movies, you should check out this awesome virtual reimagining.

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Playing video games is probably one of the most popular activities you can do on your computer in your free time. That’s why manufacturers are constantly updating their products with new features and advanced visualizations.

Of course, there are many games you can try, but our article will show you the 5 best gangster games for your PC.

Since these games allow you to do things you wouldn’t do in real life, this list is sure to satisfy your virtual fantasies.

What are the best gangster games for my PC?

With the latest update, GTA V is a masterpiece that promises players an amazing open world experience. The producers call it the largest, most dynamic and diverse open world ever made.

Grand Theft Auto V combines story and gameplay with some great new features. In GTA V you can play as 3 protagonists who have something in common: the gangster life.

Michael de Santa is a retired bank robber, Franklin Clinton works as a reporter at a car dealership, and Trevor Phillips is a mentally unstable redneck and bank robber.

The plot of the game is based on their criminal activities, which can be completed by carrying out certain missions.

We can also talk about the protagonists and main antagonists of GTA V who play an important role in the story. As for the friends and helpers of the main characters, they are FBI agents or wizards.

In addition, the player can switch lives multiple times, allowing them to complete all aspects of the game at once.

Not to mention that GTA V has incredible graphics. With a powerful 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution, your gaming experience will be greatly enhanced.

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The first Mafia game was one of the pioneers of open world video games. The story of the Mafia is set in the 1930s, including the last years of Prohibition.

The action takes place in the city of permanent drama, Lost Sky. His story is about the rise and fall of a Sicilian-born American taxi driver who becomes a gangster. Tommy Angelo is the only main character in Mafia: Final Edition.

In addition to the main story, you can also use the Free Ride mode, in which you explore the city without any prescribed mission objectives.

However, in October 2020, new activities were added to the game in the Free Ride mode. So we speak of taxi assignments or modes of travel.

Speaking of character models: It should be noted that they differ in terms of the voice actors. Plus, his appearance matches his voice, giving you a highly realistic experience.

Since the game is set in the 1930s, the cars seem heavy and slow. So if you’re used to smooth, fast acceleration, like in modern car games, this may be a drawback.

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Most users consider Sleeping Dogs to be a GTA clone with some interesting related features. Others say it’s the best open world game they’ve ever played.

The environment is incredible, and thanks to the technical, audio and visual improvements in the game, you’ll feel like Hong Kong has never been more alive.

The game’s plot is inspired by the city in which it is set. Sleeping Dogs follows the model of Hong Kong action movies. The focus of his story is exciting action.

Wei Shen is the main character. He is a Chinese-American undercover agent who must infiltrate the Sun On Yee triad organization.

Sleeping Dogs focuses on Shen’s fighting, shooting and parkour skills. It also contains various gadgets that can be used for combat and exploration.

Another important aspect to discuss is the pitch of the stories. Users admire the seriousness of the story, but also the fact that you can choose to be serious or not.

For example, you can complete a serious task by dressing up as Neo, a bronze god, or by wearing a pig mask. This way, your game will not only contain action, but also moments of entertainment for your leisure time.

Sleeping Dogs just evolves as you play. Little by little you get access to cooler things, more interesting side missions or gadgets. For entertainment, there is always time for karaoke or car and motorcycle races.

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Hitman 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy. Overall, the game is based on the same OI interactive design used for the first two editions.

So you’re playing with the same bald Agent 47. He is now rebelling against his former employers, the International Contract Agency.

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An important aspect to consider is that Hitman 3 gives you many ways to kill. In addition, Hitman 3 gives you access to some amazing locations and settings that were created live. So you will never get bored while playing.

So there are six locations: Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Devon, United Kingdom; Berlin, Germany; Chongqing, China; Mendoza, Argentina; and the Carpathians, Romania.

Additionally, the game offers access to all previous Hitman levels. There are different ways to slaughter the targets in each level, and you’ll be rewarded if you complete the levels more than once.

Additionally, Hitman 3 offers access to additional game modes in addition to the standard campaign.

We can therefore speak of intangible objectives, escalations and contracts, which give each level a different character. Sniper Assassin offers a totally unique experience in many circumstances.

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Users have often claimed that Saints Row: The Third as the best game in the Saints Row series. This is an open world game that takes you from Stillwater to the new town of Stillport.

There are three local gangs that are well established. The fourth, Third Street Saints, however, should not be underestimated.

So when you play it, you’ll have to do your best to make Saints Row the Third conquer this new city and beat the competition.

In addition, you can enjoy cool character customization. You will be able to customize bodies, clothing, vehicles and also house properties.

Saints Row: The third one gives you the experience levels function. Most of the actions in this game are based on monetary impulses, as is the case with real gangsters. So you can buy land or weapons with the money.

There are also experience points that you can use to unlock skills for players, such as B. No fall damage or infinite sprint.

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Top 5 Charts

While each game has its own graphics, one game stands out head and shoulders above the rest. So we can talk about Grand Theft Auto V.

You can make use of the extremely high resolution settings when playing. In Grand Theft Auto V you will enjoy excellent graphics with a high frame rate.

Check out the beautiful hair and details of the track in the 4K Ultra Graphics gameplay image below. Even the facial expressions and clothes are the same as in real life.

However, the resolution of the graphics depends on the compatibility of your PC. If you want the best graphics, you may have to settle for a lower FPS. On the contrary, setting the game to a higher FPS number usually comes with graphical compromises.

So if you want to improve the graphics, the first recommendation is to use the game settings. You have to find a balance between smoothness of graphics and frame rate.

Other devices for playing gangster games

In today’s article, we have compiled a list of video games that work on your personal computer. However, you should know that there are other devices on which they can be used.

According to some studies, users also prefer to play games on dedicated consoles.

The following table lists the best-selling game consoles. Also note that the results are expressed in millions of units sold.

As you can see, according to billions of gamers around the world, the PlayStation 2 is the best-selling game console of all time, with 157.68 million copies sold since its release.

The PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Portable also made the top 10.

Best video games for PlayStation 4

As you can see, PlayStation editions are among the most popular in the world. Therefore, we think it’s fair to point out the best video games played on one of the latest versions.

The table below shows the best-selling PlayStation 4 games worldwide in March 2021.

According to the chart, Marvel’s Spider-Man has become the most played video game on PS4 with 20 million copies sold.

Gangster-game star Grand Theft Auto V, however, ranks second in Statistia’s study with a total of 19.39 million units.

So not only does the game boast the most incredible graphics, but it is also extremely compatible and popular on one of the latest versions of PlayStation.

For those of you who are interested in games, we highly recommend that you take a look at the best games for Windows 10. One of them may be exactly what you are looking for.

If you have any questions or unclear information, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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Take part in the discussionIf you’re looking for a game in this niche you should be looking for a game that has a gritty undertone to it. There are a lot of games that have a similar theme to other gangster games but none of them really capture the essence of real life gangsters. You want to play a game with a dark undertone and where you don’t have a choice but to become a gangster, be it in a video game or in real life.. Read more about crime games online and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games do gangsters play?

Gangsters are by nature a group of individuals who get together for various reasons, but are always interested in getting their hands on the other person’s money and getting their way in life. As a result, gangsters are commonly found in the media, and usually come to light when there is a new development in the field of technology. With this in mind, why not play some games with the gangsters of the world? If you’re going to play a game that involves an organized crime syndicate, you’d better be familiar with the gangster genre. Famous gangster films like The Godfather and Scarface have elevated the genre to a level of cultural relevance, and today, the games industry has become inundated with games that take place during Prohibition. The good news is, there are plenty of games that let you live the life of a gangster from the 1920s to the present day, without having to scrounge for a fake mustache.

What are the best games like GTA 5?

The GTA series of open world action-adventure games has been a huge success for Rockstar Games. Launched in 2001, the first game, GTA, has sold over 45 million copies and is still widely played today. The other games in the series have also achieved massive sales, with most of them selling over 10 million copies. GTA V is a huge game for a number of different reasons. It is a game that is so successful that it is being referred to as the game that everyone will play on their consoles in the future. It was a huge gamble for Rockstar (the company behind the game) releasing the game on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 first since they are more expensive consoles. The game was also a huge risk because they were releasing the game on the same day that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 released and the sales for GTA V were extremely low in comparison. However, the sales for GTA V have grown since the game’s release and it is the most successful game of this year and the last.

What is the Top 10 games for PC?

For the last few years, we’ve come to expect great things from the PC gaming front. Graphics and gameplay have been constantly improving, and the sheer variety of games available has been constantly expanding. When you consider that we’re still in the midst of the golden age of gaming, there’s no shortage of the best that PC gaming has to offer. The best games for PC are always the ones that entertain, surprise, and teach you something about life. Here are our top 10 of 2015, along with links to each game’s trailer and official site.

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